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Feb 27, 2014
I'm just wondering how everyone who uses an app like Strava or MapMyFitness incorporates the Apple Watch into their fitness tracking. I want my workouts with HR data logged in Strava. Since there's no watch API HR sensor access to 3rd party apps, that means using a bluetooth chest strap or importing workouts from something that collects HR data like a Garmin gps with ANT+ strap (this is what I do). Even though I sync my Strava workouts with the health app, the "exercise" circle in the activity app complication doesn't seem to fill up correctly unless I record the workout using the fitness app. I suppose this is a minor detail, but is there any way to get my workouts into Strava and also get "credit" in the activity app without having to record data in two apps?

I could hit 'start' on both Strava and the Apple fitness app during a workout but that seems like an unnecessary annoyance and I could see this solution causing problems in the future because of multiple healthkit sources logging the same workout into healthkit.

Another possibility: if I logged the workout using only the apple fitness app, do any of the popular running/biking apps have the ability to import completed workouts with HR data from the health app? (since this is not the same as API HR sensor access).
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Oct 26, 2013
I agree that the lack of third-party access to the HR API really limits interaction of those apps with the built-in Apple apps which is a big shame. I absolutely love the activity rings but find the Workout App very basic... here's what I'd like in Apple Watch OS 2.0:

- Map tracking when running with iPhone

- Pace/Elevation/HR Graphs on iPhone in Activity App

- Better social/sharing functionality - why when there are so many iOS users in the world have Apple not seized the opportunity to create a platform where you can share/compete against friends or nearby runners (similar to Strava).

- OR AT LEAST: Access to HR API for third party apps

I'm really pleased with the AW and its fitness functionality at the moment but I think it has a lot more potential.
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Jun 27, 2010
I haven't figured out which app is best for running yet. I like the workout app in theory but the fact that I can't see the map or splits or elevation charts really bothers me. Sure I can see my real time heart rate but that doesn't do me any good if I can't compare it.

I had a basis peak before apple watch and it would even connect to third party apps as a bluetooth heart rate monitor allowing you to sync your heart rate during a run.

Hopefully they will open up the HR to other apps soon or they will improve the workout app. I feel like apple put a lot of thought and research into the fitness capabilities and then just completely missed out on the functionality and use of the workout app itself when it should have been a no brainer... Runners who buy an apple watch are probably data junkies(like me) and want access to it all and want to be able to track everything.


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Jun 20, 2015
I'm so upset!
I just bought 2 watches last night. Just to find out this morning the heart rate doesn't work with MapMyFitness app.

I was hoping to get rid of my chest strap when doing my Insanity workouts. So much for that. This is the MAIN reason we bought this. May just return them later today and get our $1,000 back.


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Jun 17, 2015
os2 will allow hr data to be accessed by 3rd party apps, just wait. for now i just used map my run, and my fitness pal and check my heart rate manually as im doing things.Cant wait for 3rd party integration


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Nov 12, 2014
Lakewood, CO
I am trying to use Map My Run with my Apple Watch and iPhone 6s+, and having some issues with it. First off, if I start the app on the watch, nothing ever seems to happen, so I end up having to run the app on my phone. Second, while it is connected to the health stuff on the phone, it keeps picking up a heart rate device, with an address (like a wireless or MAC address), but, it can't sync or connect with it...SHOULD it be connecting to the heart rate on the watch, or is it supposed to be getting it from the iPhone's health stuff?

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