Best way: Windows on Parallels to Bootcamp linked to Parallels

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    I am wanting to stat using the mac for windows games. Currently I have Windows running on Parallels 8, and obviously VM doesn't bode well with games, so I want to install Windows on Bootcamp and link it with Parallels. I am wondering what the easiest way to do this is? Delete the parallels partition? Do I need to de-register Windows so I can install it on Bootcamp? Do I need to download a fresh copy of Windows 8 and copy it on a USB prior to install or can I pull the copy already on the HD. I assume no since the executable likely no longer on the drive. Many questions! Need help!
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    you can't link windows to parallels and need seperate copies of windows to be installed ( one "real windows" and one virtual machine )

    Also you need two keys because the "hardware" is different when you switch from bootcamp to parallels.
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    Yes, Parallels can use bootcamp, but you need to install bootcamp first.

    OP, you need to create a Bootcamp partition, install windows, then run Parallels and create a new vm and point that VM to your bootcamp, or select bootcamp in the creation process. (I'm not sure of the exact process because I use VMware Fusion).
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    This part is true.
    Windows 7 didn't but Windows 8 will detect the hardware change and will deactivate every time you switch from one to the other.
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    Yes, when you start Parallels, confirmed for version 10, you'll have an option to use Bootcamp for your VM.

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