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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by svindal1, Sep 29, 2010.

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    Jun 13, 2010

    My BSE is starting to peel off in the edges, so I need a stronger screen protector. I like the simplicity of the wet install, but I don't know what brand to go with now.

    The thing I didn't like with BSE was that is scratches easy as that, not the actual screen - but my protector is full of nail bumps and other nasty marks. Is every protector the same way?

    Thanks anyway.
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    Yes every wet is the same way. Do yourself a favor and go dry. Much easier to change.

    And basically all protectors suck. Ive tried most of them and swear by some cheap 3 for $1 ebay ones. No matter which you get you will need to change it within a few months.
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    I have used both Zagg and bodyguardz.
    Both have excellent customer service.
    All my shields are ordered via their websites.
    I have installed over 40 shields and have seem some quality issues.
    Both have had sizing issues where the earpiece and home button cuts are not aligned properly or wide or long. both companies provided replacements.
    Bodyguardz - recently I ran into 4 guards that had paper particles on the shield that became very obvious when installed. all were replaced.

    When I install them I go into the small bathroom and steam it up for a good 10 to 15 minutes to reduce the possibility of particles, use a lint free cloth to clean the glass, wash my hands throughly with a non-lotion soap, use plenty of spray on the shield and some on the phone. Very carefully align the ear piece and then the home button then gently squeegee. Zaggs sometime come with a rubber squeegee which works MUCH better than the plastic. When only little bubble bubbles are left I flip the phone over face down so any water on the face is absorbed by the towel.
    If a case is being used I wait 24 hours before installing the case.

    When installed properly you can easily get 6 months out of it.
    When you need to replace one just go to the company's website and order a replacement, $5 or $6 and be sure to send back the warn out one or you loose your warranty.

    Bodyguardz has better pricing. Other than that same o same o
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    Thanks! What are the main important factors on the difference between wet and dry install? Zagg has both a wet and dry install full body as an example.


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