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Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by sammyman, May 16, 2011.

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    There are only a handful of programs (like 1) that we need, so we are going to install windows on a partition in our Mac Pro. We really don't care as much about performance for the one program. Basically we want a user friendly interface.

    Should we go with Parallels 6 or VM Ware? I am not really into the free virtualization I have read about. I would rather pay for a slightly better product.

    Also, I already have the partition setup on my scratch disk on my mac pro. Do you need a partition for this? Should I install bootcamp and then install one of the virtualization softwares?
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    For your specified use, I would try a VM without a separate partition first. There are some features you give up when using a real, physical, partition such as sleep and hibernation that take away from ease of use.

    Both Parallels and VMWare have trial software. I'd install one and try it out, then try the other if you have any issues. Just install Windows without activating it and do so again on your second VM.

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    I agree with balamw, create a Virtual Hard Drive on your scratch disk and try out both Fusion and Parallels. For one program you have no need to create a Boot Camp partition. (By the way, whats the program? There might be a good OS X alternative.)

    Current versions of Windows give you a 30 day grace period to enter your product key, just leave the box empty during the setup. When you decide on Fusion or Parallels than you can enter the key.

    One more point, the "free virtualization" your talking about is actually really good. VirtualBox is right up there with VMWare and Parallels.

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