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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by ItchyAlgae, Dec 16, 2014.

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    Dec 16, 2014
    Never thought I'd be here, but I'm happy to find a good community. I'd been a Windows guy for life, but a dead desktop has got me enjoying a new (to me) MacBook Pro. I lurked and researched my way to a few must-have apps (HyperDock, BetterSnapTool, Xee, MPlayerX) but I'm still lacking one key functionality in Finder and can't find a Finder substitute that says whether or not it addresses this: When I start typing the name of a file or image I want to save, nothing pops up to show similarly named files.

    Windows handles this with a drop-down box that shows all files matching what you've typed in the entry field. Say I go to save an image and I start typing in the field "Chevy Project-" The drop-down will show me "Chevy Project-1" all the way through to "Chevy Project-34," so one glance tells me I need to title this one "Chevy Project-35" Finder doesn't. Only after I try to save does it say this name is taken, and then I've got to scroll down and find it where it leaves off. Small chunks of time that really add up when you've got 6,000 mostly alphanumeic file names. Is there a Finder replacement or supplement that adds this functionality? Much appreciate any suggestions.
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    That would be a great add-on, but I haven't seen anything like that.

    You might look at Default Folder X, which gives you more options in the Save... dialogs, but I don't think it has a predictive feature. Unfortunately, the Mac Finder rather lags behind a lot of the functionality of its equivalent in Windows.
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    I appreciate the pointer; I'll look into Default Folder X. From my 5-6 weeks as a Mac user, my appraisal of the two OS's is that Mac incorporates a lot of significantly important refinements (for lack of a better word) over Windows - Unix, simple program installation/uninstallation, security, stability, easy updates - but inexplicably neglects a few very simple-seeming yet (to me) hugely important functionalities, like preview windows over dock items and arrow-scrolling through the viewer. Most are addressed through free or inexpensive community apps like HyperDock and Xee, but I do scratch my head over a few of Apple's omissions. Overall, enjoying the switch to OS X.
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    You're right. The Mac Finder is like 1988 tech. It's horrid. Post back here if you find a solution to the problem; I'd like a product like that.

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