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Aug 4, 2014
Sadly, my beloved 8+ may be on its last legs, and I need to think about upgrading. I'm more of a "value" buyer at this point, and not keen to drop $800 on a new phone (...though if I ultimately decided to go that route, I would obv try to hold out a few months for the new model, rather than buy a 14 now).

Looking at Apple's Certified Refurbished page, I could pick up an iPhone 11 (128GB) for $429, or iPhone 12 (128GB) for $569. I'm fairly aware of the main differences between the two models, but not sure if it's worth the extra $140 for the 12. The higher ppi screen is a big selling point for me; though losing LCD for OLED feels like a minus. Gaining 5G doesn't really seem to matter much. Obv the processor in the 12 is one generation newer than in the 11, but I'm not sure if I'd notice a real-world difference (and it's not like my 8+ feels unacceptably slow).

Anything I'm not taking into account? Is the camera / image processing significantly better on the 12? Battery life? Thx


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Jan 28, 2018
Trondheim, Norway
My personal iPhone is an iPhone 8 Plus, and it is unfortunately on its last legs. Last week I received an iPhone 11 from my work place. I immediately noticed that the speakers on the 8 Plus are much better, the audio on the 11 is quite mediocre. Further I much prefer the 4:3 aspect ratio of the 8 Plus screen. The resolution of the 8 Plus screen is also higher.

I have no experience with the iPhone 12, but here are some very good reviews:

Notebookcheck review iPhone 11

Notebookcheck review iPhone 12
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Aug 27, 2023
I know this is a little late, but Tracfone is selling NEW iPhone 11's for around $250.00. Everyone else is still getting $450 for them. I went ahead and bought one and put full Apple Care on it through Apple's website. Only down is putting up with Tracfone and having to be locked to them for 60 days before they will unlock an iPhone.
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