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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Szarky, Dec 8, 2012.

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    Jul 29, 2010
    Just wanted to share my recent find with you all, got a Magic Trackpad for my iMac but I'm also going to use BetterTouchTool for when I set up my sisters new Air tomorrow. Take the time with BetterTouchTool to tweak the insane amount of settings the developer gives you and you will be blown away by what's possible without ever moving your finger. My favorite is using it in Safari. Below are the settings I have:
    -Want to Google Search? No more moving to the address bar at the top and clicking in it. Now, take your middle three fingers and tap the Trackpad with only the outside left and right fingers followed immediately by tapping with your middle finger.
    -Want to open a new tab? No more moving to the top right corner and clicking on the +. Now, take your middle three fingers and with the pointer and middle finger tap the Trackpad followed immediately by tapping with right finger.
    -Want to switch tabs? No more moving the mouse up and clicking on the tab you want. Now, with finger taps you're switching your tabs. Want to go to the left? Middle finger taps and stays down while pointer finger taps repeatedly to keep switching to the left through your tabs. Want to go the the right? Pointer finger taps and stays down while middle finger taps repeatedly to keep switching to the right through your tabs.
    -Close a tab? Move the mouse and click on the X, forget about it! Three finger hard press on Trackpad (not tap).

    -Play/Pause: Don't move that mouse! 3 finger tap!
    -Next song: Just like switching tabs in Safari, middle finger and pointer finger taps for next and previous song.

    Three finger swipe up is a native Trackpad setting for Mission Control so I made three finger swipe down open Launchpad which makes a lot of sense as your dock at the bottom shows only some of your Applications, now you naturally swipe down to open ALL of your Applications(Launchpad).

    My absolute favorite: I hate having to type out my e-mail address logging in constantly to different sites, different accounts so... this finger tap makes my e-mail address be typed out ANYWHERE, in any program. It's called custom text paste. I loved using keyboard shortcuts on the iPhone and iPad since I have a bit of a long e-mail I had "ssg" automatically type out my full e-mail address (My e-mail was so you could get creative with it). I tried it on the iMac and it never worked properly, four finger tap is just fun to do.

    Basically what BetterTouchTool does is turn keyboard shortcuts into custom gestures. Love being able to five finger hard click to quit an application or three finger hard click to close Finder window and close Safari tabs.

    The best part, it's all customizable. What works for me might not work for you. It's REALLY overwhelming the amount of options you're given. If there's any interest I can export my settings as I think it's just a text file. Bonus: I've set mine up to be natural and intuitive enough that even after one sit down lesson the girlfriend has memorized almost all the custom gestures, and I made a lot.
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    Jun 29, 2010
    Nice, I don't have a MacBook Air but just got a new iMac. I'll probably try some out if you think of anymore keep them coming. The two finer swipe left or right to switch tracks in iTunes is nice.

    Anything come to mind that'll quickly launch Finder? Unless there's a gesture for that already I'm unaware of.

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