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    On Christmas Eve my mother ordered a Sandisk 1GB compactflash card for my new digital camera. I saw them selling them on eBay for a very reasonable price (about $60, I think.) They were selling them by the truckloads, so I figured they must have them in stock in their web site store too, right? Well, a few weeks go by (mid January), and I hadn't received anything, not even so much as an order status.

    I tried sending them two emails, which their form said they would respond within 1-2 days, which of course they did not. After threatening to report them to the BBB, they finally responded, saying that they did not have that particular item in stock, at which point I had them cancel the order and I reported them to the BBB for selling items they do not have. Fortunately they had not charged my mom's card yet.

    Their eBay feedback reflects more of the same: They will list items for sale that they don't even have in stock. Not only is that against eBay policy, it's just plain dishonest. Don't get suckered in by these guys' great pricing!

    That having been said, I recommend avoiding :rolleyes:

    P.S. After all that, I went to J&R and got the BETTER version (Sandisk Ultra 1GB compactflash II card) for about $90, and it's worth the 60x speed! Just my little plug. :)

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