Beware, OS4 shares personal info.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by J.C.P., Jul 5, 2010.

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    To those who have had an Iphone prior to the Iphone 4g and those upgrading to OS4,

    If you previously had an Iphone with email accounts on it, then be aware that when you update to OS4 or if you've gotten an Iphone 4 and use the backup from a previous Iphone to snyc the new phone using itunes, then make certain you understand the new features.

    Under >settings>Mail you may notice that under each email account there is the word "mail". Those that have updated and those that used a backup to sync the new iphone 4 will notice that in addition to "mail" is the word "notes". Everything you write in your note pad has the potential to be uploaded to your email server. Without you being aware of it. For those that may have an email account on their email client that is a shared email account, such as a buisness account general inbox, this may pose an even greater breach of your privacy. All other iphones that have that email account on it and are set to share notes (as is the default when updating) will see your notes that you make on your phone.
    To further explore this function, goto the notes app. Upper right corner you'll see "Accounts". Tap that. there will be a list of all shared note accounts. There you will also find that you can chose for notes to be on "my Iphone". use that to ensure you're not sharing and won't accidentally share.

    For whatever reason my and another persons notes defaulted to the shared account when we used the backups from previous phones to snyc our new iphone 4g.

    Once you've upgraded to OS4, if you manually add an email account you will be prompted with the choice of sharing. You can change the settings, it's fairly easy. But be aware.
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    Thanks for the heads up. I just changed mine to not sync and was wondering how to do this earlier today when it synched the up
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    Anyone else ??

    So, has anyone else experienced this? Is it just me?

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