BIG problem with macbook after water spill

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by K4rolin, Apr 30, 2012.

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    My screen lights were broken before the spill so I used second screen.

    (sorry for grammar mistakes in advance)
    Well, it all started with a water spill. It immediately turned off and so I unplugged everything and dried my macbook(but not from inside, didn't have the right screwdriver).
    As stupid as I was I turned it on the next day and it played a weird tune and then turned off. I checked the battery but all the green lights were okay so I thought the battery was alright. When I connected the charger it was also showing a green light. So I tried to turn it on again the day after but I got zero response.
    Finally I got the right screwdriver and I opened the case. Everything seemed alright to me(no water residue except for some dust) I cleaned it from here and there and then tried turning it on again but still no response, so I thought maybe the problem could have been with the keyboard.
    Next I tried turning my macbook on without keyboard(but the charger was plugged in). The fan started working and It made the usual startup sound(not the chime) but the screen was black(since my screen lights were broken anyway I looked from another angle but it was completely black) and the ''sleep'' light was also glowing. After about 5 seconds it turned off.
    Next time I tried, it was the same and the third time(not the same day) I tried without charger plugged in and it didn't even turn on so I plugged it back in, but it still didn't work. So I left the charger in(but the keyboard wasn't connected) and worked with my another computer, suddenly I heard the startup sound(not the chime) and saw that my macbook had turned on by itself. But again with the black screen and the light, but it turned off after two seconds and then started again and then turned off and so on... that was a shock so I unplugged the charger and it stopped turning itself on.
    The day after, I plugged in both, the charger and the keyboard. I pushed the power button and it actually turned on(so the keyboard was ok, I guess?) but still with the black screen... and so It started again with its cycle of turnig on and off. I tried pushing the power button longer and then the cycle stopped and It just fell quiet.(when I pushed the power button again the cycle also started again) Now I think that I probably have just messed up my computer and fixing it would be pointless but I'd still like to hear your ideas on it. Is the problem with the logic board or HD or something else? What to do?
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    Take it to apple get them to diagnose the problem. Then get them to repair it or you can fix it by buying parts. Whichever way you do it its going to be costly so this may mean a new machine (or a second hand one) might be a better and more cost effective choice.

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