Big problems with memory filling up / inability to sync via itunes (iphone 5s)

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    Hey folks, So I'm at a total dead-end with this. My iphone 5S is auto-filling it's memory completely... to the point I have literally 0 bytes left. When I connect to iTunes, "Other" is taking up well over 10Gb. Every time I delete something... apps, photos etc... 'other' will expand and I go back to 0 bytes.

    I tried backing up to iTunes to restore but even that will give me an error "Cannot backup because an error occurred."

    Have tried backing up via wifi to iCloud, no dice either. I suspect I have a couple of 'ghost' apps. When I look at manage storage there are a couple there with no name / icon, and I read somewhere that can cause the backup error. But I don't know how to fix that, and I don't have any spare memory either so I'm quite stuck.

    Would love some advice here.

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    First, don't confuse "memory" with "space" as they are two different things. You're running out of space on your iPhone 5s not memory. Are all your apps downloaded to your Mac or PC? If they are, you can reset your iPhone through iTunes and then restore them by syncing. As long as your contacts and photos are saved on your Mac or PC you can load them back again on to the phone using iCloud sync. Resetting the phone through iTunes is going to wipe everything and install iOS 9.2.1. Which is why you need to make sure you can re-load your apps, contacts, photos, and whatever else back to the phone.
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    turn off anything "cloud" , especially iTunes Match !!! or iCloud photos. once the cloud feature is turned off, check the phone again. see if it has music or photos on it. delete the music and photos, then turn on cloud again

    I've seen this many times, i turn on itunes match and the phone is supposed to delete your music library but instead it goes to other.

    I had a problem also with itunes syncing photos to the iPhone as other

    what you want to do is go into itunes and uncheck each category, like uncheck music, books , videos, photos, uncheck these one at a time and click sync, and your other might revert back to the corrupted content it was supposed to be or it might delete itself

    if all fails and you can't figure out what sync'ed content it is, then by all means try backing up and erase the iPhone and restore from a backup

    my rule of thumb is if its under a gig then its normal. if its 3 or more gigs, its likely to be corrupt content or an iOS installer.

    a lot of people said that other was iMessages, but i don't think it is.

    sometimes that status bar with categories like music, apps, documents, other, video, etc is what the iPhone will be like the next time you sync it, and sometimes it reflects what its current status is

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