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Discussion in 'macOS' started by Slarti42, Dec 17, 2007.

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    Sep 28, 2007

    I'm owning a 2.0 GHz aluminum iMac for a couple of weeks now. I'm quite satisfied with it, however, there are some strange problems with Leopard.

    First of all, I'm terribly annoyed by that stupid keychain. I didn't buy a Mac do be asked for my password every time I start Safari. Passwords are there to be entered when I think it's right. Does Apple really think I'm too stupid to enter my passwords? What's actually the use of it? It seems that Leopard doesn't recognize that I actually don't even have an account password - I entered one at the first startup, but than changed to a blank password. Any ideas how to solve that?

    But, now there are even more problems. I like being anonymously on the net, so I downloaded and installed Tor. First, it worked perfectly, the internet was just a bit slower than usual. Then, however, the internet slowed down extremely; Google told me I was virus infected, and then Vidalia (part of the Tor bundle) suggested a problem with Tor's servers. So I switched off all the Proxies. The internet immediately worked fine, but now I can't use the Finder's search box without the Finder crashing, and Spotlight's gone completely! It seems that the deinstallation of Tor didn't work properly; I followed these rules, but when I came to step 4 (bundle uninstall), the destination already had gone forever.

    How shall I solve these problems? Maybe reinstall Mac OS X? But will that work with Vista on another Boot Camp partition? And how easy/safe is a reinstall?

    Can anyone help me please? Thanks in advance!
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    Yeah, I recommend a reinstall. Don't worry, your Boot Camp installation will NOT be affected. If you do an Archive and Install WITHOUT saving users and network settings, you should be able to both break out of the problems you're having and recover all the user data you need from the archived system. It's a simple matter of finding the archive folder, which is in the root of your hard drive and is called Previous Systems, then opening up your user folder and dragging to the new system what you need from the old one.
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    Jan 15, 2008
    Leopard search results incomplete


    I am running Leopard on a G5 Mac and experiencing incomplete results when searching other networked computers. I have a server computer (which is running Tiger) that I am networked to which holds all of my customer jobs that I have archived over the last 2 years. When I search my server (from my computer) to try and locate all the files from a certain customer it will show most of the files but not all of them.

    All my archives are numbered beginning with the year. For example I have an archived named "072374 -"
    If I type "072374" in the search field it will not find the archive.
    If I type "0723" in the search field it does find the archive.
    If I type "Progressive" in the search field it will find many archives with the name "Progressive" in it, but it won't find the the one I am looking for (072374 -
    I have messed around with the search preferences but that did not solve the issue.

    This is very weird behavior and very frustrating for me because in my business I have to find and use old archives on a daily basis.

    Has anyone come across this problem as well? Since my server is still running Tiger and my computer running Leopard is there a compatibility problem with search results?

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