Bill Gates 'unstable'


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Aug 10, 2004
Loved it, thanks.

my favorite part...

While it seemed ready to tout all the "analysis" produced by graphologists when Mr Blair's personality was at issue, it issued a strong demurrer when it came to Mr Gates.

Surprisingly, there were no calls for the graphologists to explain how an unstable megalomaniac under enormous pressure became the world’s richest and most successful software entrepreneur, and a hugely generous charitable giver to boot.


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Jun 25, 2002
LaLaLand, CA
and a hugely generous charitable giver to boot
He didn't used to. Unlike Paul Allen, and of course our own Mr. Jobs, Gates was very stingy and often criticized for it. He suddenly started to give quite a bit and even started a charitable organization. I think his wife, and also his parents, are more responsible for that.

Doesn't change the fact of how he got that money.

Savage Henry

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When I read this on Appleturns I did wonder what they were blithering about, so it's good to read the article in full.

It reminds me of the footage of Gates in the witness stand when he had to give evidence during the Anti-Competitive Trail back in 2002; he struck me as a weasling imp with no authority beyond the size of his bank account.

Interesting stuff.


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Apr 21, 2003
washington dc
i think anyone like gates, who creates a product and nurtures it to such mind blowing sucess has got to be a little off-kilter. i'm sure jobs is wacked out too, we just like him better


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Oct 20, 2002
found to be "an aggressive, unstable man under enormous pressure, struggling to keep his irritability under control,"

If Bill Gates wasn't aggressive, he wouldn't be the richest man in the US. Being chairman of such a larger =corporation, puts him under a lot of pressure. The irritability comes from him expecting more from all those around him. He drives himself and so expects the same from those working around him.


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Oct 20, 2002
sjpetry said:
Maybe he'll become suicidal. ;)
I hope that you are just being factious. Being suicidal is a very sad and serious situation. I would wish this on anyone. Have some experience with this.
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