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May 31, 2015
I am so sad BillMinder has went away :(

Looking for a app just like it please?

Any help appreciated.

I tried a lot of different ones so far can't find one like it :(

They all require putting a dollar amount. I want that blank.

Here is what the old app BillMinder looked like:



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Apr 8, 2010
the Netherlands
A few apps that come to mind which are pay once, updated in 2023 and that might offer the features you are looking for are:

- Money-Wise (free, 4.99 dollar / 5.99 euro in-app for Plus features pay once, no data collection)

- Dime: Budget & Expense Tracker (free, no ads, optional tip, no data collection, only notification in general per day)

These are also pay once and recently updated and pretty feature rich (e.g. notifications), however also tracking data:

- Account Tracker Pro (4.99 euro pay once)

- GreenBooks: Money Manager (in-app 9.99 Pro features pay once)

- Outgoings - Track Expenses - which has notification feature, pay once (34.99 euro) or subscription based (1.99 month or 9.99 per year), lacks a calendar or graph overview though, tracks data
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