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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by larswik, Apr 25, 2012.

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    So I jumped through the hops in the itunes connect setting things up an dI am at the Binary creation part. I am guessing I set my app from debug to release version and build it. Then I find it on my drive and attach it to the loader program Apple is talking about to upload it and its done.

    From anyone that has built a Binary file can you give me a quick checklist if there is anything else I need to make sure I have checked of or entered in Xcode to make sure I have everything included?

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    Wow, that appears to be the bible of app submission.

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    Short version:
    1. Sign your application with a Distribution Profile that's made for App Store, you can do this on in the provisioning portal.
    2. How do you sign this? Go to the build settings of your target, set on "release", to sign with that distribution profile. Set your target on the upper left of Xcode to iOS Device (or your iPwn or iPad), and click at the top menu of xcode = Product -> Archive.
    This will generate an Archive.
    3. Once it is archived, you select Distribute, and it will automagically find your app in iTunes Connect and start uploading it.
    XCode 4 made it real simple these days on that :)

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