BIND not working properly after 10.6.6 upgrade

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  1. Fend0r, Jan 14, 2011
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    Apr 25, 2009
    Hi Folks!

    I have been running my BIND for over 2 years now on my Mac Pro (Leopard/Snow Leopard NORMAL Editions. Not Server).
    Since the upgrade to 10.6.6 yesterday the DNS Server responds with SERVFAIL to lookups. I haven't changed anything in my configs. Does anybody have similar experiences or a clue what could be the cause?



    Sorry for my premature post. It seems there was something "wrong" in my zone file that somehow was accepted pre 10.6.6 and caused problems now. Just weird because BIND Versions seemed to not have changed...

    Anyways please ignore and admin can delete this if possible.

    Sorry again

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