Birdy Copter HD Application For iPad !!!

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    Aug 9, 2011
    Birdy Copter is a simple and very funny game. It is available for the youngest as well as the oldest.

    Your mission will be to stay alive as long as possible while killing as many ennemies as you can.
    For that purpose, you will need dexterity, control and precision.

    ***** If you want to be part of the top players on the game center try to get the highest score. Then you will be able to compare your performance with the other players. *****

    ***** How to play *****

    - Control of the helicopter :
    Touch the screen and hold it to rise the helicopter.
    Release it to lower the copter.

    - Score and life :
    Avoid and kill the enemies to win points.
    Pilot the helicopter as far as possible without crashing and being killed.
    Catch the "life icon" to increase your helicopter's life time.

    - Game Center :
    You must be connected to the Game Center to be able to:
    - Propose your score on the Game Center
    - See the leaderboard and achievements

    Thanks and Have fun !!!!
    If you have any queries concerning any aspect af the game do not hesitate to contact me. :)

    Lien de Birdy Copter pour iPhone/iPod :

    Lien de Birdy Copter HD pour iPad :

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