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Discussion in 'iPad' started by magnuseilertsen, Jan 26, 2011.

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    Jan 26, 2011
    hey everyone,

    need some quick advice. i want to register all the important birthdays and have them available on all my apple products (macbook, ipad, iphone) and be able to synch across platforms.

    what's the best way to do it? i've never used the calendar/address book-apps. are they the best way to go, or are there some better apps out there? also, is there any way to synch with facebook so that i don't need to manually punch in all the birthdays?
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    The way I did this was to manually fill out the birth-date field in the address book on my Mac. These birthdays are then automatically put into a "birthdays" calendar in iCal. I then sync that "birthdays" calendar to my iPad during the normal cable sync.

    You may have to turn an option on to get the "birthdays" calendar to appear in iCal. I also seem to remember a bug in syncing birth-dates before 1930 or so. I don't know if the bug is still around, I just hacked by changing the year of grandparents' birth-dates.
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    sync with google calendar.

    It works on all ios, ical, windows, web, etc.

    If you take the time to setup your birthdays in a contact list with google contacts, they automatically show up.. but you can manually set it up for reminders say a week before.

    It's really not tough, and to me is the most robust calendar synching available. You can also find many other calendars to add - I use it for EPL game schedule, my girlfriend's calendar, mine, birthdays, uk and us holidays, etc..

    On a public computer I could get to it from the web, on any apple or windows device there are clients.

    One thing to note - when you set up multiple calendars, you have to log in to to allocate which calendars are pushed to which ios devices.

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