Bit confused about flashing ATI 5770 (PC versio) with zeus

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by funkytwig, May 16, 2012.

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    Jan 14, 2011
    Hi. I have a macpro1,1 running Lion and a PC ATI 5770. This works but shows up as a 5000. I wish to flash it partly because I would like the boot screen back and partly because I am trying to get Premiere Pro Mercury Playback Engine working and the hack is not working, I suspect this is due to me having a non flashed PC version.

    I have been doing some reading around but the information is a bit fragmented and I am a bit confused. I think I should back up my current ROM (just in case), download an updated rom and flash my card with zeus.

    Is this correct. I have the following questions.

    1) How do I backup my current rom (and how do I restore if needed)? I have another graphics card in Mac I can connect monitor to.

    2) Where do I get the new rom from? Or do I have to make one, if so how?

    3) How do I flash the card. On the zeus download page it talks about ATI and Nvida tabs in the application but there are no such Tabs. Under the Flash Tab there is a section with ATI at top. Do I select OS, browse to the rom file and click Flash ATI button?

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    When you flash a 5770, it will only give a boot screen using an analog VGA connection (the problem is with the port mapping on 3rd-party cards). Only Apple-branded 5770s give you a boot screen on all ports.

    Secondly, Premiere's MPE hardware acceleration requires a CUDA card, which ATI/AMD cards are not. You need an NVIDIA card for that.

    Cindori can probably explain how the Zeus utility works better, since he's the one who wrote it.
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    Jan 17, 2008
    1. Boot windows and dump with GPU-Z

    2. Follow guides at forums to make your own or try someone elses pre-modded rom

    3. Yup

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