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    Apr 18, 2015
    Well as one half of a married couple of Applefanatics, I am very happy but my other half is not.

    My 38mm SS Milanese Loop will be waiting at UPS for me in the morning, but shortly after receiving a shipment email from Apple about my watch we received the email of death about my husbands 42mm SS Black Leather Classic that still has a status of Processing.

    He's not a happy camper, and as happy as I am, I am so sad for him.

    I am the one who set my alarm for 1:55 to wake up and order our watches, so I guess to that extent I deserve the first one. LOL I am also the one who (cough, cough, wink) volunteered to take the day off tomorrow to be home for what we thought would be OUR deliveries.

    Since I have to rise early anyway to be at the UPS Hub at opening, I think I will cook him breakfast and as I serve it will take his hand and lay it on my heart and say, isn't this the best way for me to send you my heartbeat my love. It's a good thing my husband wouldn't hit a female. LOL If the tables were turned I would clock his arse. LOL
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    May 23, 2010

    He's a grown man, I am sure he will get over it. Our watches will come eventually. :)

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