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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by doowrehs, Apr 13, 2005.

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    Oct 14, 2004

    I use BitTorrent for downloading various (legit) radio shows, etc. However, I recently encountered an issue that I've so far been unable to resolve. Consequently, I'd really be grateful if anybody here can help.

    In essence, earlier today I discovered I am listed as not being connectable by the tracker. While this apparently doesn't affect my ability to download torrents (provided there are users available who ARE connectable), it apparently means that I am unable to offer connections to other users. Basically, this means I can download data, but have problems allowing people to re-download that data from me.

    I'm aware that the correct port needs to be opened in my firewall, which (see attached image), I believe I have done. However, this made no difference. I even tried turning off my firewall but, again, no difference.

    From what I can gather, some people have encountered the same problem and overcome it by correctly configuring their router. But - here's the thing: I'm not sure exactly what a router is! Am I right in thinking it's a device for splitting your internet signal so that various computers can access it at the same time? If so, I don't have one, so that can't be the issue. However, if the router is something to do with my cable modem, I guess the problem might lie there. (I have a Toshiba cable modem provided by Road Runner, from which the cable goes directly into my iBook.)

    I've tried searching on Google for any info regarding this, but haven't turned-up much (and what there is just goes over my head!). So, please can anyone out there help and explain things in very simple terms?! If so, many many thanks!

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    If you are using a HARDWARE FIREWALL.. such as linksys router or other such device you will need to do port forwarding. You'll ahve to forward the port BT is using to your machine's IP address. Those requests get blocked at the router level unless you forward them to an IP address.

    Sounds as if you are using a few sites i know of :p oh i won't mention them but they require you to share as much as you download right? :p hence your concern now. heh


    i noticed you mention RoadRunner....

    You will have to open the port on that road runner modem.. it sounds as if they are blocking the ports there. I can't tell you how but you could do some research or call them up and ask how to forward ports (mentioning you want to host a couple online games once in awhile and need to have ports open to do so)

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