Bizarre Touch Screen Issue

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by mattkidd, Aug 26, 2010.

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    EDIT: I have now seemed to have fix the issue by removing the digitizer and reconnecting it, i believe maybe the ribbon was slightly loose. I will however be purchasing a replacement digitzer and backplate shortly :p


    I have a 2G iPod Touch and to be fair its quite battered, been dropped few times smashed screen couple of small dents etc. Until recently worked great fine with all these defects. The other day i believe i pressed down too hard on the left side of the screen applying quite abit of pressure. The left half of the touchscren is now unresponsive meaning i cannot unlock the iPod. However if i was to knock the iPod against something solid quite hard with an impact to the rear (obviously), that half of screen works again until the device locks itsself again. Im guessing this is something to do with digitizer any suggestions? I can understand its my fault and im considering purchasing the new one once its out. Now i want to be use this iPod for the last couple of weeks and i dont really wanting to be banging it against everything so i can unlock it. Any ideas of anything i could do? I know its probably not possible to remove unlocking screen unelss it is possilbe?

    Would appreciate some ideas :cool:


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