Black and Red Speck Candyshell Case

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by iphoneguy4life, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. iphoneguy4life macrumors newbie

    Sep 14, 2012
    Anyone know where I can find this iPhone 5 case? It was on Speck's website and it's not there anymore now. It looks the same as this one for the 4S

  2. bludragon06 macrumors regular


    Jun 27, 2010
    Pittsburg California
    I just looked on their website! They have the grip candy shell in those colors but not a regular candy shell!


    AT&T has an all red with black on their website! 38.00 though!
  3. 1080p macrumors 68030


    Mar 17, 2010
    Planet Earth
    My local AT&T store had the pictured version and the grip version in stock on launch day.

    I bought the grip version. Like it so much better. But... I have had a few comments that it looks pink rather than red.
  4. iphoneguy4life thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 14, 2012
    I should have bought it right when I saw it the first time on Speck's website

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