Black Macbook 2006-07


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Oct 14, 2017
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I'm thinking of putting an ssd for my black macbook too, i have a white one 2010. what ssd works for that model? can samsung evo 850 work? 250gb?

Whats the max ssd for that macbook and memory ram?


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Apr 16, 2015
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I'm pretty sure 4GB of RAM is max, maybe even lower, maybe 2GB
The older 2006 models with a Core Duo can only take 2 GB, late 2006 and early/mid-2007 models can go up to 3 GB (you can actually put in 4 GB, but the system will only see 3), and late 2007 and 2008 BlackBooks can go up to 6 GB.

Since the pre-unibody MacBooks only go up to SATA II in terms of drive speed (pre-2009 machines just use SATA I), any SSD of any capacity will work just fine.


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Jun 18, 2017
The time to upgrade the BlackBook was several years ago. I don’t think I’d bother upgrading a BlackBook in 2017, as it’s far too limited, with only legacy OS support and poor software support.

The 2010 white MacBook is definitely worth upgrading though. That machine would run extremely well with 8 GB RAM, SSD, and 10.13 High Sierra. That model can take 16 GB I believe but that’s overkill.

Basically I think the MacBooks worth upgrading are the Unibody models, beginning with the MacBook5,1 aluminum model from 2008.

I haven’t used the Samsung 850 EVO in that MacBook7,1 but have an 840 EVO in a MacBookPro5,5 and it works well.


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Mar 19, 2014
RAM is undoubtedly the bottleneck. I got a 2006 Black, even with a rather slow SATA connection, but as long as the SSD you put in isn't terribly small in capacity, it should fly. But the amount of the RAM is still an issue, even installing 10.6.8 which is IMO the best version for this gen machine, and as undemanding this OS X is, you will find modern daily tasks like browsing already chokes on a regular basis.

I think it really depends what purpose you intend the Macbook to serve. Mine is just a novelty machine looking cool in the studio, with occasional iTunes media playback or ad hoc browsing / photo slideshow etc. But trying to do slightly intensive tasks on it can be painful.