Black Macbook Cleaning Tip

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by tom vilsack, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. tom vilsack macrumors 68000

    tom vilsack

    Nov 20, 2010
    ladner cdn
    Just a minor Black Macbook cleaning tip...use a magic eraser.

    I just bought the other day...I should have taken a before and after shot,but it's unreal how all the oil fingerprint/smudges ect went away...thing looks new.I simply soaked the eraser in cold water then squeezed most of it out and gently wiped the entire top...let dry for a min or so and then used a fiber cloth to buff clean and dry.
  2. maxosx macrumors 68020

    Dec 13, 2012
    Southern California
    True. The Magic Eraser does a great job in many different scenarios. Far more than I ever expected. I've been using warm distilled water to carefully moisten it, testing a small area first, and then proceeding. I've used it to clean a wide variety of materials, all without a problem.

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