Black Sabbath will play for the last time on 5 Feb. 2017

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by JamesMike, Feb 3, 2017.

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    I never got to see them with Ozzy. I did have tickets for a concert back in 1980 in Denver for the Black and Blue tour. Got to the arena and it was announced that Sabbath had cancelled and there would just be Blue Oyster Cult. That would have been my first and last chance to see the band with Ozzy. It was the first date of the tour that Sabbath had cancelled.

    I did get to the Sabbath twice with Dio as the singer and once with Ian Gillan.

    I didn't bother looking for tickets this tour because I knew the prices would be outrageous.

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    I am glad I was able to catch them quite a few times, both with and without Ozzy. Crazy to think it is actually coming to an end.
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    Jul 18, 2013
    Tony still hopes the band will continue after Ozzy is gone. My first thought for just a second was to get Dio again and then I quickly remembered he is gone.

    I liked a few of the late 80s/90s Sabbath releases like Headless Cross and the Eternal Idol but even today, I can't tell you that singers name on those two releases.

    Sabbath, Zeppelin, Floyd and Gary Numan were the top bands that kept me alive back in high school and made me keep going. I'll keep rocking till I'm in the grave, I'm 52 now. Long live Black Sabbath.
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    I saw them live in Liverpool on January 1972. The ticket price was 70 pence (that's 87 US cents). Amazing. But, I do wonder how much demand there was for their final tour. I noticed that their last London event at the O2 was still advertising tickets two days before the event. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it a second time after a gap of precisely 45 years.
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    I took my son (then 11 years old) to see them last summer and we both came away VERY impressed. Age certainly never seemed to hamper their on-stage performance.

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