Black screen in XP after Bootcamp 3 install

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    I'm hoping somebody here can clue me in on what's going on here.

    11/30/09 -
    I decided I was going to install XP on a bootcamp partition tonight and everything went fine until I installed the Bootcamp 3 software. After installing the Bootcamp drivers the machine rebooted and I ended up with a black screen in Windows. I did hear the XP welcome music so I figured it was a display driver issue. I rebooted into safe mode and deleted the ATI 4850 driver and restarted. After removing the bootcamp driver everything was normal again other than the fact that I only had the default Windows drivers running.

    What am I doing wrong? I installed XP off of an XP disc with SP2 already on it and ran the Bootcamp install off the Snow Leopard disc. Finally, not sure if this matters, I am running one of the new i7 iMacs.

    12/1/09 -
    Ok I'm at a loss. None of those suggestions worked (see below).

    I downloaded the ATI drivers and booted into safe mode to delete the ATI driver that was there. Restarted normally into Windows and ran the driver installer. Towards the end of the install it just randomly restarted, which I thought was weird, but let it do its thing. Windows started to load and got the black screen again when Windows opened, but could still hear the welcome chime and the stupid little pop-up sounds from the warning balloons telling me about missing drivers, etc.

    I booted into safe mode w/command prompt to try the second method listed below, but in the drivers directory there was no file called atikmdag.sys.... maybe this is a Windows7 only method?

    I did a complete re-install of XP slipstreamed with SP2 then installed Bootcamp 2.0 off my Leopard disc then applied the 2.1 patch. Everything is fine. Strangely though, even after installing both 2.x versions of Bootcamp NONE of the Apple drivers are there. Then I installed SP3 and XP still works, but again, no drivers. Then I installed the ATI drivers directly off the website and this time the install completed. After restarting the computer it appears the drivers did nothing and no ATI information was listed in the device manager and the generic Windows display driver is still being used. Finally I decided to try installing Bootcamp 3 off my Snow Leopard disc and, once again, after restarting the screen goes black when XP starts. The windows welcome sound is still audible, but nothing on the screen. Clearly the 3.0 software is installing some sort of display driver that's not working right. The catch is installing the ATI driver on my own doesn't seem to do anything either... This is frustrating.

    **Previous Suggestions**
    1. Short answer: you didn't do anything wrong, and sometimes it happens.

    It happened to me the first time w/ bootcamp 3 and I have a MBP with an nVidia chipset.

    I would suggest going to ATi's website and downloading the latest drivers from them. It should fix your problem.


    Seems they have found the solution, and are able to get it working in bootcamp just fine.
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    Found a random thread that suggested using the drivers from the iMac's install disc as opposed to the retail Snow Leopard disc. What do you know... feel kind dumb when you realize it was that easy.
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    what the hell? so i have to start ALL OVER and find the iMac disk? What if mine came with Snow Leopard pre-installed????

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