Black Spot in the iP4 Camera

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ski2moro, Oct 18, 2010.

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    May 3, 2007
    Did I miss a discussion about this?

    After 6 weeks of good photos, I have a black spot in my Camera app and photos. I cleaned the lens until it is spotless. If I look at the lens with an 8x lupe, I can see some minor dust under the glass, but I’m assuming it has been there since the beginning. I’m not OCD about dust.

    The spot is about 1/4 inch in diameter on the screen, darker in the center and fading on the edges.
    The spot is only visible in Camera. It’s not a screen issue.
    The spot is visible in still photo.
    The spot is visible with video, but the spot appears bigger.
    Not happening in the front-facing camera, so it appears to be in the rear lens.
    It happens with and without flash. Inside and outside. Bright light and low light.

    iPhone 4 ios 4.1 (not JB)
    No screen protector

    I really don’t want to restore and reinstall everything from new unless it is necessary. Do you think this is software or hardware?

    Holy crap, how do I make this photo smaller?

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    Is taking it to Apple not an option? They should have no problem replacing it...
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    Sure, I can take it back. I was just asking if it is a known software issue first. I have a looming deadline on a project and really don't want any other distractions at the moment.

    If I spend the time to restore and it is a known hardware issue, I don't want to waste my time doing that either.

    Unfortunately, I have had to replace several iPhones - each one for a different valid reason. Fortunately, the Apple Care Tier 2 people have promised me a new (new in box with charger and cables) one if I have one more problem.

    This iPhone has been flawless so far and if it is a simple fix, I would rather just restore, if that is all it takes. Is it something that 4.2 will fix? I'll wait.
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