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Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by PDFierro, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. PDFierro macrumors 68040

    Sep 8, 2009
    Bunch of news on BlackBerry 10 recently. Who is interested? I'm not sure about waiting until February for a smartphone, but I think it looks very promising.

    Obviously RIM has a lot of work to do in terms of the app store, but I think the user experience will be great. Reminds me of webOS.
  2. bigjnyc macrumors 603


    Apr 10, 2008
  3. cynics macrumors G4

    Jan 8, 2012
    It's sort of like a smartphone. :)
  4. Vegastouch, Nov 16, 2012
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    Vegastouch macrumors 603


    Jul 12, 2008
    Las Vegas, NV
    Seems we have been hearing about that BB 10 forever. Is it EVER going to come out?
  5. akuma13 macrumors 6502a


    Jan 10, 2006
    BlackBerry 10 reminds me of webOS (which I loved on the palm Pixi) I'm really curious about it, especially if a good amount of apps come out from it.
  6. aziatiklover macrumors 68030


    Jul 12, 2011
    Location: and
  7. siiip5 macrumors 6502

    Nov 13, 2012
    RIM is dead. When you have to liquidate physical assets and fire a quarter of your workforce, just to stay afloat, you are circling the drain. Even IF BB10 comes out in Feb (big IF), it is already going to be obsolete and non-business consumers are more likely to buy iphone, Android or WP8.
    Now, people that love BB will point out that RIM increased their subscription base last quarter, but that was only due to selling in 3rd world countries and making no profit on old,cheap BB devices.
    To buy anything from RIM at this point, you need to be prepared that your device will not be supported or updated when the company goes under. Not that there will be much in the way of apps anyway. RIM should dump all mobile assets and concentrate on business hardware, server solutions and software security. That is their strong points.
  8. ucfgrad93 macrumors P6


    Aug 17, 2007
    At this point, I think RIM is on the path to extinction and nothing will change that.
  9. Dolorian macrumors 65816


    Apr 25, 2007
    RIM is very much dead as far as I can see. BB10 won't really do anything to reverse that.
  10. emma777 macrumors member

    Jul 31, 2012
    India, New delhi
    I guess RIM afraid to launch BB 10.......... :-D
  11. Dolorian macrumors 65816


    Apr 25, 2007
    Frankly by the time they launch BB10 I'll be too busy eating Apples and Key Lime Pies to even bother with it :p
  12. F123D macrumors 68040


    Sep 16, 2008
    Del Mar, CA
  13. Vetvito macrumors 6502a

    Sep 30, 2012
    I'm glad you guys are not analyst or heads of financial institutions. RIM still has over 80 million monthly subscribers, growing markets around the world, and best of all absolutely no debt.

    They haven't put out any thing significant In over a year, but still manage to sell millions of devices.

    BB10 will be a hit, and it will sell. RiM will maintain its 3rd place in the smartphone world.
  14. Stuntman06 macrumors 6502a


    Sep 19, 2011
    Metro Vancouver, B.C, Canada
    I don't think they released anything new, but apparently they are still shipping more phones than Windows Phone. I know that's not a huge endorsement and is more of a reflection of how poorly WP has faired in the mobile market.

    In any case, I am interested in seeing what RIM has in store with BB10. My work phone contract is due next year. As our company's standard is BlackBerrys and iPhones, I may consider a BB10 phone.
  15. SomeDudeAsking macrumors 65816

    Nov 23, 2010
    Blackberry is dead. When was the last time you even saw a Blackberry for sale by a cell carrier?
  16. ChazUK macrumors 603


    Feb 3, 2008
    Essex (UK)
    There is still potential in that respect for RIM to become the third player then. That must be a worrying sign for Nokia who has gone all in on Windows Phone. Samsung, htc and others at least have Android to fall back on.

    Although I've never owned a BlackBerry, it'd be a shame to see RIM fade off into obscurity.
  17. siiip5 macrumors 6502

    Nov 13, 2012
    They sold 7.4 million devices and still lost money. All sales have been in India and N Africa, where phones generate next to nothing in profits.

    RIM is clinging to 4% marketshare, while Microsoft nips at their heels with 3.6 %. No matter how you slice it, the future of RIM is pretty dull .
  18. Vetvito macrumors 6502a

    Sep 30, 2012
    ^ with a new OS on the way and they still have 80 million monthly BBS subscribers, that's dull? Absolutely no debt unlike Nokia, that's dull?
  19. opinioncircle macrumors 6502a


    May 17, 2009
    As an owner of a bug-ridded Bold 9780, I'm looking forward to see what RIM has in store.

    My contrat's up in January, and have been crazy looking at every SINGLE phone at this point, without loving something to the extent of getting the purchase on.

    Hope RIM will come out strong, so that we can have proof than extended marketplace can work out !!!
  20. Rodimus Prime macrumors G4

    Rodimus Prime

    Oct 9, 2006
    sadly while BB10 has an insane amount of promise I honestly believe it is way to little way to late at this point in the game. BB10 should of come out a few years ago.
    I honestly see rim becoming buy out bait. It would be a great company for say Google to buy up if just for the patents alone. It would really force Apple off their back completely.
  21. cynics macrumors G4

    Jan 8, 2012
    Uhm, new Blackberry devices are offered by EVERY major carrier in the
  22. inhalewaste macrumors member

    Nov 5, 2012
    Very very little interest. It'd have to be a monumental improvement to pry me away from stock Android.

    At this point and time, no OS experience is as superior, as flexible, and as catered to individual needs as stock Android is. After setting it up just right, it's just too rewarding of an experience.

    Of what I've seen of BB10, I can't say I'm impressed enough to switch.
  23. siiip5 macrumors 6502

    Nov 13, 2012
    That 80 million subscription base is centered around poor, 3rd world countries. How many of those subscribers do you suppose will be able to upgrade or potential new customers to buy the new and much more expensive BB10 devices.

    RIM is using smoke and mirror tactics to prevent the stock from becoming a penny stock.
  24. Vetvito macrumors 6502a

    Sep 30, 2012
    ^Don't discount the fact that they have no debt. They haven't been listed as Junk Status unlike Nokia.

    As someone mentioned earlier, and its by no means a good sign, but BB is still selling more than Windows Phones.
  25. Switchback666 macrumors 68000


    Nov 16, 2012
    Saw couple of videos and sadly didnt give a single fck.

    Anyway i never owned a blackberry and im 99% sure never will.

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