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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by geoffreak, Jul 21, 2009.

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    Feb 8, 2008
    I am fed up with AT&T's absolutely terrible BlackBerry service. Last night marked the 3rd time in less than a week that I've had to help my mom with a problem relating to email, so I'm forcing her to upgrade to a device that doesn't require a middleman.

    My old 2G iPhone would be perfect for her, considering the free cost (I'm a nice child, what can I say?), but I need to know if it is possible to switch it over to the iPhone plan on AT&T's website without any upgrade costs or additional contracts. The iPhone is meant more to tide her over for another year or so, but I don't want to lock her into another contract and we don't want to pay any fees for changing. She is long overdue for an upgrade (her current phone is 3 years old) so we don't have to worry about breaking any contracts (we are also in a family plan).

    I hope to just be able to pop in the sim card from her BlackBerry and do the swap on AT&T's website, but I wanted to hear from people who have done this before.
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    I know in the UK its a question of calling customer service and just switching plans. No new contract just switching over even if she wasn't due an upgrade as long as she was past the minimum term ATT require for a Tariff change she should have no problems. Hope this helps. :):)
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    Pop the SIM from the Blackberry into the iPhone. Call ATT and say that you have just switched phones for whatever number she is, and then give them the IMEI number for the iPhone (found in settings-->general-->about). They should add the data plan automatically and then you can tell them how many texts you want. That's it.

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