Blackberry or WM6 device -- which is better for both Mac AND XP

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by jnyepu, Sep 30, 2007.

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    45 views and not a response so I changed forums -- hopefully some advice to be found here!

    After having my MBP for almost 3.5 months, I'm finally trying to figure out what the best phone/PDA device would be that can talk to both my XP desktop/Outlook and my Mac and iCal/Mail/Address Book.

    I currently have a T-Mobile Wing which is an OK device with really poor execution mainly due to WM6. I don't do any PIM stuff with the Mac, but want to start using iCal/Mail/Address Book and stop using Outlook, if they work well for me.

    I have been looking at T-Mobile's new Curve (the 8320) to replace it. I don't need it for work email or anything like that, but I like the idea of PUSH and the "real-time" nature of the BB mail interface for my personal email. Plus, and this is a big plus, it's a whole lot more stable than WM6. While the multimedia features are lacking compared to the iPhone (or even WM6) I will take the BB stability and not soft resetting at least once a day for a slightly less exciting multimedia experience (plus I think BB firmware upgrades will eventually let me shoot short vids, and the media player is supposed to be decent) compared to WM6.

    The iPhone is not as robust a PIM device as I'd like (one person's opinion :D), but I realize it's multmedia capability blows the other two away.

    I want to be able to take the BB (or Wing) and have it be able to talk to Outlook and the Mac PIM apps I mention above as seamlessly as possible (e.g. sync to my XP desktop or my Mac, and not lose appts or contact info as they are updated). Basically the contacts/appts/email between the three should be "in-sync" as possible. Again, I realize there will be some hitches in trying to do the above.

    Is the above possible, and if so, which device would be better at it?

    More simply, if the above is impossible, and I have to pick one computer to be the "main" one, which device is better at talking to the Mac? My goal is to eventually get rid of the Windows desktop, but not yet, so if I have to pick one computer which would be my "main" one in terms of PIM stuff, it will be the Mac.

    My guess would be that the BB and Mac get along much better than WM6 and the Mac (with Missing Sync, or similar app)?

    So which device, new BB Curve or stick with the WM6 Wing?

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    I am not sure how one device will handle being synced with two separate computers.

    I can tell you, however, that I used to own a Motorola Q. I absolutely hated it. The Windows Mobile software was terrible. There were always too many steps in the equation to get something done and something that should have been a 2 step process took 8 steps.

    I needed a 3rd party program to get my device to sync with my contacts, address books etc on my Mac. It kinda worked.

    After way too many crashes and slowdowns with the Q, I realized why I left Windows to begin with. That said, I don't believe it was running WM 6 (I think it was 5).

    I ended up with the Blackberry 8830. Great device. Out of the box, it syncs flawlessly with my Mac apps. The CD contains a Mac program to make it all happen.

    That said, I've only synced it once. When email is deleted from my Blackberry, it is deleted from my email account and vice versa. So the only thing I really need to sync is the address book, which rarely gets updated. I don't bother with calendars.

    In a nutshell, Windows Mobile is designed by engineers who couldn't give a rat's arse about functionality and ease of use. The Blackberry software is designed by brilliant Canadians to just work. Reminds me a bit of my Mac. Everything is logical.

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