Blackbook 2.2ghz Refurb... advice for replacement/refund?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by iamthejordan, Dec 10, 2008.

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    Dec 10, 2008
    IN ADVANCE: Sorry for the WALL of text. Anyone who actually takes a look and reads this, I totally appreciate your help!
    I'm not sure about the "bump" policy, but I don't expect a reply right away, even within 12-24 hours - I know how it works. :D

    FOREWORD: I am not at all interested in tech support/repair and just want to replace this defective model.
    If you want to skip something and just have advice about getting apple to replace/refund my macbook, skip all the red text.

    Black 2.2ghz Macbook (REFURB)
    2GB RAM
    160GB HD
    OS X LEOPARD 10.5.5

    I've had several issues with my black 2.2ghz macbook, I've had it restored by the genius bar at an apple store once, and worked with tech support over the phone four times.

    I purchased the laptop about February, so I've had it about ten months now.

    I've encountered SEVERAL recurring issues before and AFTER the OS X restoration/reset/wipe whatever beginning right after I purchased it up to now, where it isn't necessarily getting worse but I'm in situations where it is likely to occur more often than I previously was.

    1. Wireless speed & Connectivity

    Constant "disconnects", will have to restart/shut off and on wireless adapter to get it to work again. This has happened with several different routers, some with security some without, B, G, and N networks of several different brands (Linksys, Netgear, at the Apple Store, and Cisco)

    Occasionally in the "About this Mac" - > "more info" -> "Hardware" the wireless card completely disappears, and it says that there is no card installed at all.

    I'll sit right next to a friend with an iMac/PC Desktop/PC Laptop and they get consistently better latency (internet connection speeds, upload and download) than I do, even on the same type of connection and network. I'm talking they'll have 75 latency playing World of Warcraft and I'll have 1500 latency on the same server in the same area running all the same applications. This also has happened with different connections and in different locations.

    Graphic Tearing/Glitches & Display Issues
    Distortion/freeze issues
    CONSTANT Graphic tearing/glitches occur throughout different apps, specifically the mouse will appear to be several pixelated lines of color instead of a cursor icon. I think I have pictures/video of this somewhere so I could even prove it. It also often happens with different icons on the Dock.

    Occasionally about halfway when the dashboard appears or it hides/unhides all windows to desktop, the laptop will freeze. This has only happened a few times.

    Hardware Display Issues
    The backlight display in the laptop was DECENTLY bright at first, and now it's pretty damn dim. It used to be as bright/brighter than an old LG LCD I have hooked up to my PC, now its definitely not even as 50% as bright as the LG monitor is.

    Also, the display seems to be a little "loose", it was never REALLY tight when I first got it, but it seems like the issue has gotten worse. It isn't that it goes up/down too loose and doesn't stay, when it is closed/open it moves left/right towards the left/right side of the macbook and worries me a little.

    CPU/Computer Speed & Loading Issues

    Fan Speed?:
    Here is a measurement now:

    Heatsink A & B: 44c
    Membank A1: 40c
    Northbridge 1: 42c
    Enclosure Base: 28c
    Airport Card: 49c
    CPU A: 48c
    HD: 33c

    FAN SPEED: ~~ 1795-1805 RPM

    Whether I'm just running Safari and textedit with Mail, or even just textedit alone the fan seems to run. Constantly - without stopping - ever. I think when I run World of Warcraft it gets even louder, but I imagine that uses more CPU and heats it up a bit more. I never run Warcraft when it runs on battery power.

    Initial Loadup:

    When I first got the blackbook, it loaded up pretty quick. Before and after the resets, I'm experiencing startups 1.5-3 minutes, relatively often.

    General Lag:

    Whether I'm just logging in and entering my password + enter, or entering something in a search bar in safari or in spotlight - pretty much anything I experience a decent amount of lag from the time I type to the time the text appears and actually processes the entry after I hit enter. Same issue with quitting/loading apps - it takes a while.

    Waking from Sleep:

    Occasionally when I open the computer, it is still on and sleeping, but won't wake up for me. I'll hit some keys, move the mouse, and even tap the power button a few times - nothing happens. I'm forced to hold down the power button for several seconds to restart the computer.

    What's up with the Battery life?
    I've been using this computer for about 10 months as I said, and I take pretty good care to let my battery cycle down so it stays in pretty good condition. It was really good - for a decent amount of time. Starting about a week ago the battery life just started to suck.

    I unplugged my Macbook @ 7:30AM while it was in sleep mode with everything already disconnected except for the power & ethernet cable. I opened the Macbook at 7:59AM when I sat down to class, and have only run Safari, Textedit, and Mail. It is currently 8:35AM and my batter is down to about 80% - thats 20% of the battery used over only 35 minutes!

    Hardware Issues: The keyboard is...
    Apparently dying? A few times over the last couple of weeks and a couple of times in between then and when I got it, the keyboard has totally stopped responding. The most recent occurrence I was playing World of Warcraft. The keyboard would not respond on ANY keypress, but my wireless mouse was 100% functional. One other time I was simply check my Mail, running only that and Textedit and it stopped working. Every other time occurred while only using Safari or Firefox to surf the web, randomly BAM no keyboard.

    Function Keys:
    Function keys randomly don't work anymore. Happens while in many different applications.

    CD/DVD Drive:
    Occasionally will not eject disks, and I have to restart the computer to get it out. First happened like the second day I was using the Macbook to install some apps (Microsoft Office, Windows XP, a Music CD, DVD)

    Trackpad occasionally doesn't work right away when I touch it, I have to move around for a second, lift my finger, touch it again and move around some more - it starts working then.

    Computer has never been dropped, nothing has been spilled on it- I've literally been more careful with this laptop than my own daughter. The laptop was born before she was (she's 7 weeks 1 day old) so it was my first baby.

    I always keep the laptop in a neoprene case in a laptop bag when I transport it, and I always disconnect hardware correctly before unplugging it.

    I've cleared permissions, reset PRAM, had genius bar totally restore OS X, uninstalled my XP partition, cleared out unused apps and done just about anything I can do myself and whatever else they did at the apple store.

    I absolutely want a replacement. I would prefer if I could just switch to a different model of mac (iMac, Alu Macbook, any Macbook Pro - pref the Pro or Alu Macbook because I use it for notes in class and at the library at my college)

    Does this not seem like sufficient enough of a problem to warrant a replacement device? I understand that they won't necessarily have/give a replacement, but I know they're authorized to provide a refund for the original purchase price, which I would use to buy a different (hopefully working) Mac, probably with an Applecare plan this time.

    I NEED a working computer (preferably a laptop with wireless) for school AND work. I really don't have time to send it in for them to screw around with, so that isn't an option for me. The most important issues I would like resolved are issues with the Wireless Connectivity, Keyboard, Battery, and Display/Graphics.

    Knowing all this, is it worth it for me to put up a fight to get a refund and buy a new mac I'm totally aware I would pay anything beyond what my original Blackbook cost, and totally willing. I would probably buy a NEW laptop this time, and get the APPLECARE plan as well.? How do I initially make my claim with Apple? (Going to an applestore isn't really an option - I could but its really far and I have a newborn...)

    In conclusion: What I need:

    1. Is it even worth trying to get the refund to buy a new mac that works? (Y/N)

    2. If yes, what is the best number to call first? Is there a specific department I'm going to ended up transfered to anyway that I could call?

    3. Anyone that has done this before? Any advice? Anything I can make very clear to them about what's going on that would encourage them to expedite my issue and get me a refund/store credit to buy another Mac? If you were successful, how long did it take you to get resolved and how did it work out? Any additional steps you took (i.e. send email to customer relations VIPs/Steve Jobs etc.)

    4. Any advice on if they do accept my offer and give me the refund? Macbook Pro (any of the models currently available) vs. Aluminum Macbook? Which one has the least graphic/wireless problems?

    THANKS FOR READING MY NOVEL! All help is GREATLY appreciated!
  2. Ironic macrumors 6502a


    Oct 6, 2008
    In my MBA!
    Write to and the will contact you just tell them what you would like done.
  3. iamthejordan thread starter macrumors newbie

    Dec 10, 2008

    So I wrote an e-mail to Steve Jobs (,, etc.).

    Any advice on how long a reply will take or how confident I can be to even get a reply/resolution?
  4. dinaluvsApple macrumors regular

    Oct 14, 2008
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Your complaint is very well written so I have no doubt they will take it very seriously and provide a swift response and soution to your concerns.
  5. danvan21 macrumors regular

    Mar 27, 2008
    similar experience here but i just called customer relations and they decided i needed a new aluminum macbook, i agreed.
  6. jamin100 macrumors 6502

    Sep 22, 2008
    When i had a problem with my refurb, they wouldn't give me a new machine. Only another refurb or my money back.

    Went through 3 refurbs in the end..
  7. planning.nerd macrumors newbie


    Dec 16, 2008
    Toronto, ON
    how did you go about this?

    I have a 1 year old white MacBook 2.16GHz and I've ben having problems with it since the start...

    - I have had the fan replaced after it started sounding like a dying cat

    - My hard drive died for no reason this summer and i lost everything (i now back everything up, but being told by some bitchy Apple Store employee that it was my fault for not backing up my work...ummm how about you sell products that don't fail after 8 months...)

    now the screen is flickering pretty severely and the case is separating at the top left corner of my screen...not to mention the high-pitched sound that emanates from it when its plugged in...

    do i have a chance of getting this replaced? it is my only computer and i need it for school and work...i cant afford to keep losing it to Apple Care...

    thanks in advance!

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