Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle w/TB Q's

Discussion in 'iMac' started by shahrukahn, Jun 23, 2012.

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    Mar 29, 2009
    I purchased one of the shuttle's a couple of weeks ago, and am looking to see if anyone else has any experience with them. I bought it to capture some PS3/Xbox 360 on my 2011 iMac.

    So far, I would say it is probably the worst electronics purchase I have ever made. I really regret not getting a HD PVR, but I thought with TB the shuttle would be better quality.

    The software, at least for me, is very confusing. I use my PS3 on an HDMI and to switch to component to capture some video and get it set up is pushes me to the limits of sanity.

    And the video file size seems large. I finally recorded a 8 min gameplay today, and it was over 25GB, and I was only recording at 720p. The bitrate(?) was too large for my hard drive, so the video I captured skipped constanly.

    So, hopefully someone out there has one or has figured out how to use them, because I could(most likely) just be clueless about this thing and video capture in general, but I am almost definitely selling this and getting the hauppauge.
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    Mar 4, 2012
    Intensity shuttle

    I bought one and I have nearly lost my mind trying to capture anything. I'm not a gamer and my main goal was to capture programs from the Directv box. My secondary goal was to sort through about 200 vhs tapes. So far the best that's been captured is a stuttering resolution of 480 from my Bluray.

    My husband is a computer literate person, I'm not, I just want to see the magic. I don't care how it works but it had better work. He bought this iMac 27" and asked all the right questions about what was needed on the machine to do the video capturing that it was purchased to do. He bought what was deemed appropriate by a "genius". My old video editing setup was a pc running xp and an ancient Matrox device (Matrox X) and Premiere 7. The old stuff was falling apart and was a real pain to maintain with diminishing rewards. My "I.T." man thought to escape the whole mess with an iMac that was going to be so simple to use that his help would never be needed again.

    Life here hasn't been so great lately. We called support where we ordered the shuttle from, Core MicroSystems, and were told that we definitely needed an external drive, and a Time Base Corrector for the vhs project. The extra hard drive seemed reasonable since the old Matrox and Premiere wanted two drives available so we got that. A Time Base Corrector costs about the same as the shuttle did and the results weren't guaranteed.

    Time to bail! I have ordered a Matrox Mini Max tb and it has the Time Base Corrector in it that keeps the audio in sync for at least and hour. It is expensive ($600-$800 depending on details) but Premiere Elements with authoring and photo stuff isn't ($99.00 on sale) and comes with PC and Mac software in the package, so that's something. I expect delivery any minute now and am very hopeful. I ordered the Matrox from Videoguys after speaking with a support guy that was nice enough to listen to my story and make suggestions.

    I haven't returned the Intensity since all roads must be explored in the search for the magic and I am not sure that it can't be done with the shuttle. I would not suggest that a friend should buy the Intensity Shuttle at this point.

    I'll let you know what happens. I haven't thrown out the old pc and the Matrox is easy to move from the iMac.

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