Blackrain or Redsnow?


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Jun 9, 2009
Mich near Detroit

I love to waste money on things that are free! it's Awesome! :rolleyes: I like redsnOw I think Dev-team spends more time on developing a good jb program then being the 1st on the block to get it out. use either but don't pay for something that's free. at least use Blacksn0w and send George a few bucks for college. don't give money to idiots. these sites use Redsn0w and Blackra1n you would be a idiot to pay them. if your not sure how look for somebody on Craigslist they shouldn't charge more then $20 to do it!


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Mar 18, 2010
Redsnow is a more solid jb.
+1, It is more reliable (either way they both get the job done properly)

the only issue you (might) have if you were Unlocking a 05.11.07 baseband with Blacksn0W... but since you don't need to Unlock it, you are safe.


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Dec 21, 2009
So Cal
BTW that site is a scam you cant unlock 3.1.3 3GS. As stated before please dont pay for JB software. The people who jb and unlock do it for free and nobody else can that isnt recognized.


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Mar 16, 2009
The Jailbreak Community
Have a 3.1.3 3G iPhone no need to unlock as is already set to my preferred carrier.

Whats the difference or which ones best to use?

Anyone used a good commercial site to do this?

There are no good commercial sites, they are all scams in one way or another.
If you are not computer/iPhone literate enough to JB on your own, you should not attempt it.

Or you could just do what all of us did when we started, do enough reading and researching until you understand it.