Resolved BlackScreen on Windows 7 Installation

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    Apr 3, 2011
    Trying to install Windows 7 on my iMac 2010 using bootcamp.

    What I did

    1-Start the disk until to format my USB key
    2-Startup the bootcamp wizard
    3-Downloaded the drivers and installed them on the key
    4-Partitionned the Disk for Mac and Windows
    5)Started the installation (Using a Windows 7 disk)
    6) At the installation i formatted the Bootcamp partition to NTFS
    7) Started to install the Ultimate 64bits
    8) The first part starts fine and the mac reboots
    9) Then it arrives at the Completing installation and 3 minutes after it reboots
    10) Now it says starting windows and it stays at a black screen
    11) If I reboot and goes into safe mode, it says Windows modifying registry and optimizing for first used but gives me an error because i'm in safe mode.

    Tried installing 2 times and always got the black screen

    I followed this guide but

    Still black screen, Can't also use the utility because i'm doing a clean install and not an upgrade.

    So what can i do now

    Imac 2010 using Lion so bootcamp 4.0
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