Blank iPhone Screen (Will Apple Replace?)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by CPGuru, Dec 27, 2008.

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    I have an iPhone 3G that I got on the first day it came out from AT&T. I did not purchase AppleCare but I still have 7 months left on the regular warranty. I seem to have a problem with the iPhone where when i finish with a call, or when i want to pull it away from my ear (for example, if an operator asked me to dial #1 to go to blank) to dial a number, or if i want to turn on the speaker, the screen is blank, almost like the sensor thinks its still close to the face. And i can't do anything to get it to show. Another problem is, when I recieve a call, I slide to answer, I say hello once, twice, and some more, and look to the screen and it shows up normal sometimes, but the time on the call is :00 (like the call never got answer), and when I end the call, I get it as a missed call. The problem is that these happen about a quarter of the time, but it is still enough to tick me off. Will apple fix or replace my iPhone?


    P.S. It is not jailbroker, and there is no case/invisishield film covering sensor.

    Also, I'am asking because I live in a sandusky, ohio and the nearest Apple store is hours away, and the local AT&T store has done nothing but replace the sim card (which is obviously not he problem) and I don't want to drive that distance and get turned away.
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    Something is wrong with the proximity sensor. Apple will defiantly cover you.

    Call Apple, tell them the situation. Do what they say (they might ask you to do a restore, so do that, and who knows that might fix it) but if it doesn't fix it, tell them you restored, and then they will have you schedule a genius appointment.

    Good luck.
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    Stop by and it should be about a 10 minute transaction. When did you do a backup last?
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    Thanks, I think I'll call them first, I don't want to drive two hours away if I am not sure that they will take care of the problem.
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    So they will do it, but they won't be happy about it? :p

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