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Sep 13, 2015
link - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/blarmy-talking-alarm-clock/id1031962733?ls=1&mt=8

Blarmy is an easy-to-use Alarm Clock that tells you info about Weather, News, Calendar events, Reminders and more.
You can listen to all the information after the signal for an hour, when preparing your breakfast, clean up teeth, drinking coffee or just when you are lying in a bed.

Main features:
- Talking current day/date and Weather.
- Talking News. A wide range of countries and providers of news.
- Talking Calendar events and Reminders.
- Beautiful nature Wallpapers auto-changes with weather.
- Easy to Snooze from notification.
- Handy Blarmy Widget that allows you to set an alarm or see remaining time from Notification Centre
- Gorgeous gesture-driven interface.
- Carefully selected high quality alarm melodies.
- Many localized languages.

Blarmy is made for iPhone only.

Turn off Silent mode and Do Not Disturb for better usage. And increase the volume.

We pride ourselves on offering great support. If you have an issue or feature request, please contact us on Twitter @blarmy_alarm or through our site http://blarmy.weebly.com

link - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/blarmy-talking-alarm-clock/id1031962733?ls=1&mt=8
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