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    Oct 2, 2015

    I've had the following problem for nearly a year.
    One time while traveling, a piece of fruit got smashed inside my backpack accidentally in the same section where my mac book pro was sitting in.
    I was unable to get everything out straight away because it had worked it's way in pretty deep.
    Every time I play music I get no sound out of my internal speakers, however it does work if I use headphones...
    I suppose something is still blocked in there which makes the laptop think that there is something plugged in the output all the time hence why I get no sound out of the speakers.
    I have tried gently to get leftovers out of there with a needle and a cotton swab but this didn't help much.
    Does anyone has an idea what else I can do to solve this please?

    Kind regards
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    The offending blockage more than likely has to be removed from the inside. If you have the tools and the stomach to do this yourself, tread lightly (don't forget the anti-static mat), otherwise you'll need an Apple authorized repair depot.

    A worse scenario would be the possibility the moisture in the fruit has corroded some of the contacts, and the jack needs to be replaced. Best of Luck!

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