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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jparker402, Feb 20, 2017.

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    I have an iPhone 5C from Verizon, and am currently running iOS 10.1.1 I think. I have been using the phone for probably around three years, but have only recently been receiving calls from numbers that I do not recognize. On those occasions when I have actually answered, I seem to get nothing. More recently I have not been answering to see if a message shows up; usually doesn't. So I looked up blocking calls, and have started trying that. But I have some questions.

    1. The instructions say to go to call listings, and selected the circled i behind the call. I do that and select Block This Caller. The wording then changes to Unblock this Caller, which I take to mean that the caller has now been blocked until I unblock him. However, if the caller is blocked, how will I be notified that he has called again (perhaps requiring me to reconsidering blocking)?

    2. If I edit and clear the call listings, what happens to the information/my instructions on call blocking?

    3. Which leads me to wonder if blocking phone numbers is a good idea?

    4. Am I doing this correctly?

    Thanks for comments and advice!
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    That's the whole point of call blocking.
    If you block them you will not be notified that they called again.
    You will continue your life in peace and will not receive calls, texts, imessages,facetime video or audio calls from that individual.
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    If you edit or delete the call history, the callers are still blocked. You can view the blocked callers in Settings>Phone>Blocked Callers.
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    1. Once blocked, if the caller calls again, your phone will not ring and you won't get any notification. However, they can still leave a voice message (you won't get visual voicemail but if you press 1 on the number pad long enough, you can access your voice message that way. I've had so many healthcare market place calling me and though I blocked their number using this method but they still can leave a voice message.

    2. It still saves and you still won't get the call from the number you blocked. As above me states you can view blocked callers from the settings.

    3. It depends, I never answer to any number that I don't recognize. I simply google that number and I can get free results from other people reporting.
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    The way I see it is, if they don't want to leave a message then they don't put much priority on the call and I couldn't care less. If they care to leave a message then I will decide if I want to return the call or not.
    I also don't answer any calls I don't recognize. They are either trying to sell me something or wanting to scam me out of my hard earned money, neither of which is going to happen. I also use one of the many call blocking apps from the app store. They can tell you if it's a scam number or not, or a sales call.
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    I have one contact I have named (long ago) BLOCKED CALLER. I add every number I don't wish to be bothered with to that contact. The contact has a silent ringtone and it is blocked using iOS's blocking feature.

    That's all stock.

    But I'm jailbroken, so I also have iBlacklist. Every number from my blocked caller contact has been added to iBlacklist and the default action is set to answer then hangup. The caller never gets a chance to leave voicemail because their call is effectively disconnected the moment they call.

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