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    We're wrapping up Blogo 1.3, and we need your help testing the beta!

    The new version will now let you post text, images, videos, quotes, links and conversations to all of your Tumblr blogs.

    We also made a lot of changes to the Twitter interface, including a tab to view your retweeted updates, a contextual menu option to retweet using the new system, the ability to load more updates by scrolling to the end of the list, a new profile view when viewing a specific user's timeline, an option to use Posterous rather than Twitpic for image uploads, and the ability to save Twitter search terms that you use often.

    You can download the beta from this link.


    We've noticed that the Tumblr API is a bit unstable as of late, so if you get "Service Unavailable" errors or 404s when posting articles with images that is the cause of the problem. Hopefully these will go away (we've let Tumblr know and they've assured us they're working on the problems).

    Also, the preview will have to be generated for each specific post type, so don't be surprised if Blogo asks to generate it more than once for Tumblr.


    Thanks for your help and support, and please let us know if you run into any bugs. You can post your comments to this thread, or (even better) to our customer support page on Get Satisfaction!

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    I have this and didn't know about the tumblr feature. Thanks.

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