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Oct 9, 2012
Hi, i’ve just copied a Blu-Ray Disc via a TOPELEK External Bluray Drive, onto my MacBook Pro Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display (Mid 2015) (macOS Catalina 10.15.3) and i’ve attempted to play this on the following software:

VLC Version: 3.0.4 (without success) by dropping the folder. I got info for my particular Blu-ray Disc file: AACS | BDMV (40.05 GB) Get Info Kind: AVCHD Collection.

So can you please advise me what would be the best option as regards trying to play this Blu-Ray ffolder & fiiles on my MacBoook Pro or Mac Pro (Late 2013) is there a Blu-Ray Player software application you can recommend that can play copied Region A and B Blu-ray Discs as free software download or purchased through a retail outlet. (Amazon etc)

Kind Regards


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Jul 8, 2013
did you try the built-in DVD Player app?

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Jun 9, 2019
Does anyone have one of these?
Pioneer BDR-XD07TS 6x Slim Portable USB 3.0 BD/DVD/CD Burner someone said it does not work with Catalina on Amazon. I suppose it is a long shot that anyone has one on here.
*Sadly not working with macOS Catalina. Connected in power, but doesn’t recognize a single thing*
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