Blu-Ray & PS3 & Kanex XD on iMac (Mac OS X or Windows 7)?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by Maxi86, Jan 18, 2011.

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    Hey folks!

    I got myself a 27" iMac a few months ago, I'm very pleased with it, but I must say there are 2 little things bothering me...
    1) it has no Blu-ray drive
    2) no HDMI input/output

    Currently I've installed Windows 7 Ultimate Edition via BootCamp and I'm using a Mini DisplayPort + USB to Dual-Link DVI Adapter to connect it to my 30" Dell monitor (which unfortunately doesn't have an HDMI input either).
    This works in both OS'es.

    The only thing I want more is to be able to play my Blu-ray movies on my iMac.
    I've got a PS3 and I ordered a Kanex XD to connect it to my iMac. But that method prooved troublesome and so far it hasn't worked out for me.

    So I've a few questions:
    1) is it possible to play my Blu-rays on some other way on my iMac? I suppose that brings me to external Blu-ray players... is this an expensive way?
    2) does anyone have experience with Kanex XD? or something similar? what is the proper way to make this work? and is it important in which OS you try this?
    3) is it possible to replace the internal drive? it sounds a bit radical I know, but just wanna think out of the box :p

    PS: Originally I'd posted this thread in the 'Apple TV and Home Theater' forum, but due to the lack of response, I decided to try it here again...
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    I know this thread is dated, but I was Google searching for some answers so I figured I'd give some quick insight.

    The Kanex HD box only works in 480p, 720p or max res (which no blu-ray or console will achieve). So you probably have to connect these devices to another TV and set their resolution specifically to 480p or 720p. Otherwise you'll just get a black screen.

    If that doesn't work, un-plug everything from the Kanex HD box. Then in this specific order, plug in both ends of the HDMI cable, the power to the Kanex HD box then the MDP into both sides. It should automatically switch.

    Also. This box doesn't seem to work with Windows. I can't force switch by manually plugging in or using the keyboard hitting Command+F2.

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