Blu ray under parallels 6 working! (you need windows, VLC and Anydvd)


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Sep 16, 2010
I was able to play Black Hawk Down, and Matrix (both Blu ray) in my Macbook pro (mid 2009) under Parallels desktop 6 – windows 7 32 bits SP1, with VLC 1.1.7 and Anydvd HD 6.6.
Of course for now no menu, you have to pick the file inside the disc structure, but it is full HD 1080 and you can change the audio or the subtitles.
I know this is not great yet, but it is the first time that I could watch a blu ray without bootcamp and it was very easy to do, more expensive but easier that the trick with makemkv and vlc under mac.
Please let me know if someone else has the opportunity to try with other titles.