blue screen of death after force quiting time machine and force shut down

Discussion in 'macOS' started by -.-, Feb 8, 2011.

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    Hey guys, today I had to stopped the time machine because finder was using 200% of the cpu, according to iStats. I force quit the time machine but finder froze after that. So I tried logging out and it didnt work. I had to do a force shut down (hold the power button til it shut down) and something bad happened after that....

    My macbook always freezes at the blue screen after its restarted. I am able to boot into windows 7 from my bootcamp though. So I managed to find the crash report and please find the attached file.

    I did some research and I know booting into the Snow Leopard Install DVD can fix the problem but right now I dont have the disk with me. :(

    Is there any way I could fix (delete/edit files, etc) in windows 7 on my macbook so that it doesnt stop at the blue screen?

    Also, is it normal that finder uses 100 - 200% of the cpu? even when time machine is backing up the os?

    Thank guys.

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    You would need any install DVD. If finder freezes, right click on the finder icon in the dock and select relaunch. This often preventas the need to force shut down.

    A simple permissions repair will most lickely solve your issue.

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