Blue-tec gets customer service really well!


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Jun 3, 2004
Detroit, MI
Blue-Tec produces an awesome writting environment called Ulysses. I've been using it for a while.

Unfortunately my powerbook died and so I needed to rebuild my system. Once I had everything the way I liked it on my new Powerbook I then went to use Ulysses and to my chargrin I couldn't register the product. This meant that I couldn't save my work! At first I thought "What the heck I hate registration crap!"

Luckily I followed the programs advice and emailed their support address. To my suprise I did not receive the canned response I expected, but and actual person emailed me back... But not just to tell me that they can't help, to tell me that they searched for my registration info and that my first and last name were switched, and to try switching them in the registration window! I tried this and it worked!!

Amazing, not only a customer service response from a person but from a person who solved my problem in one step and within 1 hour of me sending my original email!!!

If only all computer companies were this good.