blue tooth not working after lightning strike

Discussion in 'iMac' started by skoboxer, Aug 25, 2014.

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    Aug 25, 2014
    So, a couple weeks ago my house was hit by lightning. It blew out a bunch of electrical throughout the house and fried the logic board on my iMac (late 2009 model). Took it to the geniuses who replaced logic board, gave it the thumbs up otherwise and sent it back to me. Immediately upon turning it on, I couldn't get the BT keyboard and mouse running, but I had work to catch up on and so plugged in a couple of the same via USB to hold me over.

    Now, I've got time and am trying to get my blue took components working and still not able to do it. It's showing the mouse and keyboard as "not connected" in the system preferences/blue tooth window. When I try to connect them, nothing happens. No error message. Nothing. Batteries are all good. Lights blinking on devices to show they're discoverable. Any ideas?

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    Jul 30, 2003
    Check that your bluetooth card is available.
    Go to Apple menu/About This Mac, then click More Info…
    If you have an older OS X system, that will bring up your System Profiler.
    Click on the Bluetooth tab.

    If you have OS X 10.7 or newer, then the More Info will launch your System Information. Click on System Report, and again, click on the Bluetooth tab.

    If you see a listing of your bluetooth software and hardware, then you can continue. Try the Bluetooth Setup Assistant to find your Bluetooth devices.

    If the Bluetooth tab says something like "No Bluetooth Devices found", or some other indication that there's no bluetooth card, then the lightning took that out, too. The bluetooth card gets transferred over when the logic board is replaced. The service shop may have simply missed that bluetooth was not working during their testing.
    Again, the card might be good, but the bluetooth antenna might have been "toasted", so there may be more that you need to look at, than just the bluetooth card.

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