Blue White G3: Did I Kill It? :(

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by tonywalker23, Mar 26, 2006.

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    Dec 21, 2003
    I dont know what i did, please help me.

    i have a blue and white g3 with a 30gb hd and panther. i got a 80gb hd cheap and put it in my g4 which had a 120 and 60 hd. so i changed out the g4 to have 120 and 80.

    then i decided to turn the bwg3 into a 'server.' i took the 60 that used to be in the g4 and replaced the 30 that was in the g3 so the g3 would have double the hd space.

    now the g3 wont recognize anything. i try to boot from the panther cd by holding c while restarting and it makes the chime but the screen doesnt come on. i took the hd out, put it in a firewire case, used the g4 to put panther on it, took from firewire case and put back in the bwg3 . . . still wont boot. i changed the ide cable that it connected to, played with the jumpers, tried with another hd . . . nothing.

    im sure it sounds confusing, but please help me wherever you can

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    Dec 21, 2003
    Fixed ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    I found a page online and figured it could hurt any worse than what i had done:

    DEEP LEVEL RESET TIP: On G3 and G4 Machines especially when aborting an OSX install really scrambles the computer. You can super reset the computer by Zapping the PRAM 3 times in a row. Then move your fingers from the P R keys to the O F keys (in other words Command - Option - O - F). COOF will bring up a machine language screen. <return> means press the return key you don't type the characters out. At the prompt type the following:

    On iMacs, Blue & White, G4 Towers you want to include resetting the NVRAM.

    reset-nvram <return>
    set-defaults <return>
    reset-all <return>

    AND IT FIXED IT ! !!!
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    Mar 17, 2005
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    Excellent!! And congratulations!! Thank you for posting your solution on here as well, it could be really useful for someone else who gets this problem and decides to try a search on here. :)

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