BlueMail Returns to Mac App Store, Developers Still Suing Apple Over Anticompetitive Behavior [Updated]


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Jul 3, 2007
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maybe, but you are under no obligation to buy Apple products
You don't get it though. It doesn't matter what I buy. It's what my potential customers have bought.

If they've bought Apple products, they should still have the right to buy from me and I should still have the right to sell to them. Apple shouldn't legally be allowed to restrict what other products their customers are allowed to buy and use on the device they've legally purchased.

It would like Sony saying you can't play music on a Sony sound system that wasn't distributed by the Sony label. That sounds like an impossible scenario, but it's exactly what Apple has done. They get to impose their corporate agenda/morality etc on what products their customers can buy, regardless of whether the product is legal or not.

Note: Most of this applies to the iOS/watchOS/tvOS App Stores, not the macOS App Store (yet). Since currently users can still install macOS apps from elsewhere, though Apple is trying to prevent that as well.


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Feb 22, 2018
"don't bite any hands" would be utopian. "don't bite hands because if you bite hands you will not receive food" is hardly a utopian ideal.
If no one bit the hand that feeds there'd be even more inequality and hardship in the world. Sometimes people need to bite to get more food for others. (FWIW I'm all for more regulation of Apple's restrictive practices)


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Aug 12, 2008
I would not just close the door to a big business of my field just because the distributing company decides to play a bully... and people like you blatantly handing off an all-powerful role to these companies are not helping, there are laws in place that mandate fairness and equal opportunity, good competition.
How are they bullies? They offered to assist them. If Blix want to try and break the rules that apply to everyone, and then try and coerce Apple into forcing them to allow a defective code to enter the store, who is trying to be the bully?

Apple allowed them to return because Blix eventually decided to play by the rule book, not because they were wrong. Blix are like petulant children.


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Jun 25, 2009
I had never heard of this app until the article, decided to give it a shot. Blech. The interface is trash and there are no themes to change or adjust it. Seems like it was made in the 1990's lol. Back to Email or Spark for me as my regulars.


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Jun 19, 2018
The reason many external email apps are flourishing is because Apple Mail falls short in many respects - specially for a business user. Apple Mail is good for a home user and serves almost every need for a home user.

When it comes to Business class email, Apple Mail is no match. They used to have templates previously that worked well for canned and repeated emails/responses. That nice feature was removed. One cannot insert {} into the email body. Dynamic elements in the email body is not supported. Organizing emails by projects (or apply tags) is not possible. (Use a third party product like MailTags for it). The list goes on.......