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Discussion in 'iMac' started by bigdip, Oct 18, 2014.

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    Oct 18, 2014

    I would like to upgrade my iMac 2011 EMC 2429 to bluetooth 4.0. The card installed in the iMac is the BCM92046MD. Is there a compatible BT 4.0 card I could buy and install?

    Please help if you can...

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    PS.: I have upgraded my 2011 MacBook Pro with a BT 4.0 chipset and everything works.
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    Mar 11, 2014
    It's doable! There's a really good guide from someone who upgraded their 2007 iMac to 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4LE. The key is using BCM94360CD card which includes both and connecting it using an adapter. There is also some (very little) soldering required to get the bluetooth hooked up.

    I'll be doing this myself to a late 2009 iMac and hopefully posting up the guide once done. Just waiting for the parts to arrive now.
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    Oct 21, 2014
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    To use non-Apple BT requires a whole additional set of kext hacks. Insanely Mac or OS X Latitude have details. (look for posts by "SKVO")

    iMacs with Mini-PCIE cards are in a unique spot.

    I don't believe that they have been throughly tested with the upgrade cards.

    The plot is even thicker than it at first looks. The 2006-8 Mac Pros had a separate BT card but still wired the USB for BT connection to the Mini-PCIE slot. So for them, just using the iMac to MiniPCIE adapter combo works perfectly.

    From 2009-2012 the MP used the same Mini-PCIE slot but stopped running the USB wires into the slot. AT the same time the moved the BT card from nearby to 10" away.

    So for 2009-2012 MPs we built a special kit with an extended BT plug and an extended antennae wire.

    So, for any iMac that has a Mini-PCIE slot, there is a chance that just using the adapter combo is all you need, or a chance that the USB lines for BT aren't present and you will need a kit similar to what we do for Mac Pro 2009-12.

    Tricky thing is I don't have any iMacs and last time I started working on them I suddenly realized that you needed lots of real estate to have 4 or 5 of them in pieces at a time. Living in cramped LA, I don't have the space to work on iMacs anymore.

    That being said, my guess is we could do a bang-up perfect kit for iMacs that have Mini-PCIE slots. It is likely that there would need to be different ones for the different years and different screen sizes. I may not be able to get to this for some time (maybe EVER)

    Ideally someone in LA would already have a 2011 iMac that they have in pieces but still running. I could come by with some parts and figure out what needs to be fabricated and if it will work. The cards themselves are both taller and longer than original, so possible that they won't fit. This may also be possible to happen via good photos and measurements via email but not as good a solution.

    PS< I'm also pretty sure I could create some nifty GPU upgrades for iMacs that have MXM cards, but again I lack the space and torn apart iMacs to finish the work. If there is a iMac place in LA that is interested, PM me.

    I believe that a nearly perfect solution could be made for iMacs. First we need to figure out which ones ae wired like 2006-8 Mac Pros with USB wires in Mini-PCIE slot and which are like later Mac Pros. The ones like later Mac Pros will need special wires and plugs but these could be pre-made in a kit similar to what we do for 2009-12 Mac Pros.


    Please don't write us asking about it, they don't exist. My tech support guy tells me that we are being overrun with requests on these kits, but they won't exist until I get some time with each and every model of iMac that they could go in.

    What is really needed for us to do so is an iMac aficionado in the LA/Hollywood area with a disassembled iMac and Yosemite installed.

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