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Dec 4, 2017
Quebec, Canada
Quick question, I don't wanna drop 150 CAD on one of those PCI wifi cards specifically made for Mac Pro, and I don't need AC wifi either because I use Ethernet. So I was thinking, do normal USB Bluetooth dongles work on Mac Pro's OOB? I'm talking cheap ones like this. I don't need handoff, I just want it so I can have my air pods work better with my mac and have less delay


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Dec 16, 2004
My BT dongle works great OOB .. . I forget which brand but it definitely had BT 4.0 on the pack.

I plug it into one of the cMP's front USB sockets.


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Sep 21, 2010
Anything with Broadcom BCM20702 chip should work in MacOS for typical bluetooth devices like audio, keyboard, mouse. The GMYLE is a popular one for Hackintoshers to add BT to their PCs to work with MacOS.

It will not work for the advanced MacOS features like Handoff and Apple Watch Unlock.

The range on these things is pretty bad if you plug it directly into the computer. It's okay for a mouse or something like that which will stay close to the computer. But if you want this for something like wireless headphones where you might be walking around the house, I'd get a USB extension cable which will help out the range considerably.
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